About me

Although paintings have attracted me all my life, I have pushed ahead painting recently, when I had to compare many things in my head because of my health complications. And I recognised that everything bad is good for anything other! And for the “good” I regard a decision that I bought my first acrylic colours and one canvas… You can´t imagine how it caught me… In fact, it wasn´t just momentary mind movement. Paintings have attracted me all my life (as I wrote), therefore my uncle was a amateur painter – landscapist and I remember that as a child I imagined, that I will paint with two brushes – with one in my mouth and with second in my hand and I will stand by dirty easel. Well, I postponed it very long time and first my easel I made in my 42 years from old childish blackboard. Now I have professional stands, but it is true that all my brushes are really all bitten. I don´t have any art education, I didn´t graduate any art course. But you know what? I do not care! I don´t deal with technique of paintwork, because in fact I don´t know what I should deal so I focus just on if I like my painting or still not. And in corner of my soul I hope someone will like my paintings. It seems, it manages sometimes, because I received many appreciations, from which I appreciate success from last year, when I got main price of exhibitors on the international fair of art ARTFEST 2017 in České Budějovice. It is worth it to mention also the second place in the international event of 8 European countries – European Art Awards 2016, where the main jury was choosing from 240 art works. Nowadays, I cooperate with several sales art galleries and with interior designers. P.S. Question for similar people like me – “Do you have a fantastic and special feeling – most likely excitement, carefulness and perhaps impatience – when you take an empty canvas in your hand?”